Monday, July 1, 2013


There was a tree in our yard which struggled to live year after year.  I love trees and hate to see one lose the fight with Mother Nature. My husband ( The Mule--more on that later) decided to cut the tree down, and so he did or I should say he tried.  He worked very hard digging around the base of  what remained of the tree after the chain saw had its way. He hooked chains to the stump which were attached to our antique tractor.  He jumped onto the 1950's  Ford 9N seat, put the old girl into gear and pulled, and pulled and pulled.  Well, the stubborn Texas tree said, "Nope, not gonna  happen!"
The Mule scratched his silver head, unhooked the chains and put the 9N back into her stall. That is when I put my little idea into action.

A Love Tree.  Yep, that is what I wanted in my yard and you know what--that is what I got.
 I placed a church birdhouse, given to me by a special friend,  on top of what remained of the strong, beautiful tree.
 I made a sign from an antique piece of barn wood, formed the letters out of barbed wire and other funky tools and antique keys.  Hung it over one of her lovely arms by an antique chain and horseshoes. When anyone stops by, I ask them to sign my love tree.  Below is an example, but there are others.  Some are thoughts, some sentiments,  or even blessings . I love my Love Tree and I love all who have left their mark on her hardy exterior. There is plenty of room, so come on by and carve your love into a tough tree with a heart full of hope.

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