Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Do you want to wrap a package with something other than store purchased paper or the ever ready and easy gift bag? Well my funky friends I have the solution for your creative fingers.
Years go ( more than thirty)...I know you are thinking.... how can that be,  Zee could not have been creating way back then, she was just a pup:-) I have always had my fingers in the creative pie.  Not always with success but always with vigor.
Anyway, all those years ago I gathered my little chicks together to make a unique paper for their gift giving treasures. I have not recreated this fun experience since then..until today.  I always make little "happy happy's" for my friends and family at Thanksgiving.  I try to make the package different and unique. This year I was stumped as to what to do, then I remembered the fun day we all had creating our own special papers.  I am going to share this technique.  Some of you may have already done this in some form, but maybe like me, you have not thought about it in awhile.


 You will need a big plastic bucket or large plastic pan.  Fill with water to the top.
 Gather all your spray paint. All colors work. I like to use a variety, but you can customize if desired. I used metallic for this project too.
 You will need to purchase a roll of butcher's paper. This paper works best for this project.  If you have a local butcher, he will gladly let you buy whatever you may need.Clothes pins to hold your creations to a clothesline or other structure. I would also suggest a pair of rubber gloves and an apron.


 You will randomly spray your selection of colors onto the top of the water in your container.  At this point you need to work fast and do not disturb the paint by mixing it up. Place your butcher's paper directly into the water, making sure it is submerged carefully  The paint will adhere to the magic.
 The paper comes out with a unique design.  No two alike.  Beautiful.
 Hang delicately onto clothesline or whatever you have.  I used my wire garden fence.
You can see they are all unique and lovely. You can cut the paper to fit whatever size you need.  I find it is easier to work with smaller pieces.
When the papers are dry spray lightly with a clear acrylic to seal. 


When you are ready use your creation, add adornments to really give it added punch. You can add glitter, buttons, sequins, bits and pieces of lace, and any sort of tiny funk you desire.  Ribbons of lace, burlap, twine or rope make nice additions.  Have fun with it and the person receiving the gift will think you really went to a lot of trouble.  You did but wasn't it fun?!!!