Friday, June 21, 2013



I love art, especially garden art.  For some reason ( can't really figure it out--not that I've tried) I love sculpted heads.   I have many.  Inside my home and in my gardens.  Below are just a few which I enjoy every day. They add a bit of whimsy to my garden walks. If I told you that I talk to them, you would probably think that would be okay, as by now we are friends and friends always let friends enjoy talking heads..

Okay, I have to say it ,"Two heads are better than one"..sorry, couldn't help myself. I caught Stella enjoying a peek-a-boo moment with one of my favorites. They are both so pretty, love 'em both.  Well, maybe the furry one a bit more.

 Happy guy greets me at the entry to my workshop. He never disappoints. Cheerful no matter.
I often wonder what he is thinking as I look out my kitchen window each morning.

Ummm..? Is he buried up to his neck in rock hard problems or is he just napping in a hot stone bath?

She regally presides over my forget-me-not garden.  Who could forget such a beauty?
Scary, you say?  Well, I love this one.  He makes me laugh every time I step into my screened in porch.
Just in case you were thinking I may be a bit too bizarre with the head thing, here you go, I like torsos too. I call her Jezebel and she feeds my birds in my kitchen garden.

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