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Do you love cucumbers like I do? I planted mine late in the season, but still am getting quite a few of these little delectable delights. Cukes are great for the digestive system. I have read where in some Asian societies, cucumbers are eaten with every meal for exactly that purpose.
I love to slice them and soak overnight in apple cider vinegar and fresh cut onions.  Serve with warm cornbread, tomatoes and a stir fry of zucchini and yellow squash,  Yum!
 Tomatoes soon.  These little guys will soon be big and  juicy .  I use tomato cages, but also tie them up loosely with large rope  by staking them to a rod placed in the ground near the cages. I use insecticidal soap to treat any insect problem.  Companion planting helps. In years past I planted marigolds alongside many of my veggies. Helps with the insect woes.


I want to show you how you can make a charming canopy with a different twist. In this particular design I used the top from a broken metal table from Egypt.  I loved the metal work when I bought the broken parts.  I knew one day it would find a home somewhere in my funky house.
 See how the pretty lace metal work casts an artsy shadow on the wall? I turned the table top upside down, attached a ceiling mount from a broken swag lamp with the chains still intact to the ceiling.  I then hooked the chains to the table top. Worked great.
 I then hooked a purchased net canopy to the center of the ceiling mount.  Next I found antique lace panels  (from my stash), which I pinned around the table base as side interest for the canopy.
 I used the intricate ironwork from the antique bed as tiebacks to keep the canopy nice and neat, yet flowing and allowing the beauty of the bed and lace to compliment one another. 
 Years ago I bought a fabulous collection of antique, hand gold leafed ceiling molding.  I used some of these stunning pieces as crown molding above the canopy.
I am not one to "match up" anything..clothes, furniture or crown moldings. The moldings in this room are all different.  I think it adds contrast.

If you want to make a canopy.  Look around your treasure stock pile for anything that might work.  Use your imagination. You might have a broken table similar to mine, an old fireplace screen, wagon wheel, barrel rings, boxes with the bottoms removed or even a car hood.  It does not have to be round.  Square and rectangles are super cool.  I have used many "weird" pieces of junk for canopies.  Go for it.  You will have a fun creating your own Shamwowtastic conversation piece.

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