Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I have to be honest, after my last true "Weedeater" bit the dust, I decided no one made an actual weed eating machine which would fit my hand.  I have retired from that chore. I still hand pull those hated weeds from my flower beds and garden when they poke their nasty little heads through my deep mulch.  Yep, I hate them. 

I decided to make my own weedeaters. I place them at various posts in my yard.  They are scary and I think menacing enough to make weeds run for it. Do they really work--well, I am not saying but they do make me happy and that is enough.

This gal has a place of honor and watches faithfully over her charges.  No weeds allowed on her watch. Don't you think she looks like Angelica Houston? Quite stern and serious..but I smile every time I pass by.

This guy sits straight up with piercing blue eyes, and a toothy snarl scaring all weeds who think they might take up residence in his garden. Not happening while Willard ( yes, that is his name) is on duty. Willard Weedeater, I am a fan.

I made these fun characters from old implements.  I have others in the planning stages, but thought I would share these two and let you know they earn their keep by keeping me smiling.

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