Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Wanted to share a super easy recipe I found and have made many times.  Those who know me, understand I am not a fan of cooking. I enjoy baking, but putting a meal together is not my favorite thing to do.  I think it is because ( at least this is what I have decided to believe) I have lived most of my life many miles from the nearest restaurant and thus was forced to cook.  Now, to let you know I did at one time like to garden and have been known to can goodies from my veggie garden, freeze fruits from my fruit trees and make many homemade jams and jellies. As they say..that was then and this is now. Martha Stewart WHO?
I still am a big believer in organic foods, but now I buy most of what I use.  I have turned to other avenues to find my creative outlet. I told my hubby (The Mule), before we married that I could make one thing absolutely perfectly--that being RESERVATIONS! Yeah, right. That conviction did not last, so am big into easy when it comes to the oven or stove..
This little recipe is just the kind I now love and cherish, well cherish may be a bit strong but I like it cause it is so simple.
 All you do is mix one or two (depending on appetite) range free eggs and one banana!
Yep--that's it. Brown in skillet with coconut or olive oil.
You can embellish with whipped cream, berries or whatever suits your fancy. It is delicious with nothing added, but use your imagination.  Impressive..Right? Yummy for sure..Enjoy...

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