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I found a few treasures when I recently cleaned out an over grown flower bed. Years ago I made some stepping stones which I called Providence Stones. I collect old keys, clock parts and other funky little cast offs.  One day I decided to make some stepping stones to frame these collections. Placing each key, old clock face and gear into their perfect new home was relaxing and yet invigorating as it made my mind go to memories of times past.
These three stones is what I have left of my "Time is the Key" steppers.

 Digging and playing in the dirt does not always mean planting flowers, trees and shrubs, it can be planting works of art.  Your own personal interpretation of beauty.
You can see these have taken a beating from mother nature and yet survived to bring a smile to my face.  If you look closely you will spy a penny. I have always put a penny into my stones, not for luck but as a sign of Providence, Blessing and Grace.
I have made many steppers in the past not only with keys and such but with any funky object I find fun and interesting.  You can do some for your own garden.  Choose anything you like. It can be marbles, broken jewelry, pieces of china or pottery, small toys, pieces of industrial scrap.  I have written on some,  placing my own bits of humor and sayings using a sharp pointed stick or tool. Painting them when dry with weather proof paint or attain. Use your imagination.
All you need is a large terra cotta( or plastic) saucer or any shallow dish. You can use almost any concrete product. Quickcrete and such. Depending on the texture you want in your stones.  Follow the directions on the product you choose.  I have tried several ways of lining the saucer.  I have used Crisco to grease the saucer( especially easy if you use a plastic saucer), I have used plastic bags to line the saucer, either work just fine.  You pour the mixed concrete into the saucer, depending on how thick you want your stone to be will determine how much you pour. When the mixture is somewhat set--but not firm start placing your objects into the concrete mixture.  Press firmly so when the concrete completely dries your objects will hold tightly. Place your saucers in the shade to dry.  Doing this will help them from cracking. When your new art is dry(this may take a few days) you then turn  the saucer over onto the soft ground and your new creation will pop right out. You can seal them if you wish or even stain them.  Get creative and do whatever your artistic side dictates. As my friend from Arkansas always says, "No step for a stepper"..but I say step right on up and make your own steppers.  That would make you a step stepper..I like it!

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