Thursday, July 11, 2013


Seems as if every day here at Hawk's Creek something new arrives, invited and not so much invited.
Last arrival is a yellow loud mouthed cat. She came via the woods and no matter how many times I have asked her to take a hike back to the corporate world, she refuses. So, of course, I named her "Ruby", cause she just won't take her love to town. Now my older barn cat ( which also came via the woods)--dang those woods..has a partner in crime.  These two always find mischief to get into which  causes me more work. If they weren't so cute playing in my tall ornamental grasses and did not give my pup Stella such a hard time( which makes me laugh) I might help them find different jobs..elsewhere.

Each day the tasks of watering, weeding and pulling up dead Texas heat blasted bit the dust plants falls to my hands. This is when I find other unwanted invasives.  The difference between these and my loved invited guests is my bought and planted beauties come up with a mere tug while the unwanted guests need a crowbar, blow torch or chain saw to lift them out of their firm home. Then many times, they have left their offspring to come back at the first sign of rain.  Grrhhh!

Undaunted, I continue on.  Complaining a little , actually a lot, but hey, I haven't taken my love to town..YET!
 Black Bellied Whistling Tree Duck and a dozen babies, invaded our pond this year.
 Interloper, from the dang woods, Ms. Ruby, drinking from the butterflies bath.
 Barn Cat--no name..thought she would move on..hasn't so I just call her "Momma".
 Hand picked this one..and all his brothers...
 Wine Cups.  Another invasive, I welcome.  Doesn't eat..just gives free beauty.
Stella, praying..NO MORE CATS--PLLEEAASE..
 We all know these are the remains of ones which love to sing--very loudly.
This little guy is a keeper.

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