Wednesday, August 7, 2013




My daughter gave me a cute birdhouse she no longer used in her yard.  I never turn down anything for free..really... that is a fact which my over flowing workshop can attest to.  I can always find a use for everything, especially when it is a new home for my feathered buddies. You can see in the background the birdhouse as it was when I toted it to Hawk's Creek.  I had an old pedestal just waiting to be used.  I scraped off the old chipping paint( you should always wear a mask when sanding or scraping as some of the old paint is lead based)
I wanted to add a bit of color to the birdhouse, so I taped off the base from the top portion.  I then painted the base of the birdhouse a nice barn red. I also gave the pedestal a funky coat of sage green.  
I wanted to add a bit of bling.  I used E6000 glue to attach red and clear glass nuggets to the steeple of the birdhouse.
Part of the steeple was broken.  I did not want to replace the original, so I looked around my shop and found a dove decoy.  I glued the dove to the broken part of the steeple.
I like that the dove is large and represents peace and hope in a sometimes frightening world.
I also added a little token stating what we all may need a bit more of on a daily basis.
The finished project sits in a quiet corner awaiting her new residents.  Offering a refuge of peace, hope and comfort.
You can add interest to any existing birdhouse by using various objects.  Use old tools, pieces of machinery, broken bits of jewelry, doorknobs or even old toys.  Use your imagination.  I have plans for some really strange birdhouses.  I bet you have some quirky ideas yourself.
I decided to add a few pics of my many birdhouses.  Some original art projects, others gifts or purchased just because I liked them and one day I will add my own touch those waiting in the wings --or that should be waiting for wings...

Now go get your glue and bling and let your imagination have a birding party!

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