Thursday, August 29, 2013



A sweet friend decided to re-gift me an item which I had given her some time ago.  This friend is quite the talented quilter and seamstress. I give her material and other items I think she may be able to use in her sewing endeavors.
So, for my recent birthday she brought me a tote bag made from placemats which I had passed onto her.  She is clever at taking unusual materials and giving them a new ( re-purposed if you will) funky life.  This time she brought me the tote and sacks of accessories with the request, "Here, make this bag your own, give it your signature."
I laid out all the lace, buttons and fringe she had brought me.  I placed the placemat tote next to all the pretties. I tried putting myself into a creative mode, which seems to have alluded me of late.  I blame it on the 100 plus temps.  Drains my well as my sweat glands.
Anyway, I finally came up with a plan.
Beautiful lace, I wanted to use all of it, but had to put on restraint.  Besides, my fingers were getting "needle burn"!
Finished project..front view.
Back view.  Love the fringe.
Side pocket.  Each side has a pocket as well as several on the inside.  My friend knows I like plenty of storage for all my necessary "stuff".. I do not travel lite.
Antique buttons add a quaint touch.
Another sweet little button.

This fringe adds a bit of Gypsy, just my style.  It has some bling too, which you cannot really see in this photo.
Thank you dear friend for inspiring me to dig deep and let that Gypsy girl out for an afternoon.  Maybe she will stick around a bit longer now that Mama Has a Brand New Bag!!

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