Thursday, September 12, 2013



As the yellow disk takes her place in the night sky, magic spreads in all the glorious crevices hidden by the brightness of day. Shadows play to the melody of crickets sharpening their instruments for their nightly concert.
A thing of beauty gradually opens with the perfume of sweet lemons, offering me to sit and reflect on my dreams of the day past.
Before she allows her full beauty to take my breath away she shows me that tightly wound objects will unfold if only given grace. Being wound like a spring myself, this nightly ritual gives me hope for a warm dose of grace to be shed upon my weary racing mind.
She is now announcing her glory for all who pass by her garden home.  I take a moment to lean my head her way, she allows me to take in her perfume and my tightly wound spring like mind calms to her symphony.
All join in for a chorus of hallelujahs lifting heads to the Most High. I follow with an out of tune version of "Harvest Moon", which always makes me smile knowing soon Autumn will bless us with cooler temperatures and  a bounty of oranges, reds and golds.  My lovely moonflower will go to sleep soon, but I am assured she will poke her stunning head out of the cold winter ground again come April. I gather her seeds to share with friends who have yet to know her ability to unwind a spring loaded gardener's mind.


I am watching a fabulous sunset, digging my toes into warm sand, but I am remembering my daydreams of walking cool mountain paths, drinking hot coffee, smelling crisp pine needle laden air and looking for my friend, Moon, to rise to the challenge of making a beach moonrise outshine a midnight mountain rendezvous.

Standing beside this fast flowing mountain river, I am daydreaming of warm beaches, golden sunsets and moonrises over the ocean.  I guess you could say I am a bit fickle, certainly not discontent. Perhaps just a big daydreamer who loves it all and wants to experience the moon rising from all of nature's points of view. ---at once! Well for sure, I am most blessed and will go sit under these trees and contemplate tomorrows daydream.
Can you smell the pine needles, the salt of the ocean breeze and the warm sand between your toes? I can and as I leave this keyboard and head out to my moonflowers, I give you.........
A fragrant evening full of hope, promises of rich memories and daydreams to soothe your tightly wound mind. Let your spirit fly, your imagination soar and your arms receive love, give love..repeat...

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