Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Many years ago a favorite cousin of mine was an exceptional artist. He was clever and unique.  He would make art installations and people would beat the door down to view his latest works of imagination.  About fifteen years ago he called to tell me one of his installations was chosen to be shown in all the windows along Broadway in New York City. AWESOME..for sure! He did the installation and all pieces were sold. Unfortunately he did not live long enough to really enjoy his great success.  Many of those particular pieces now reside in  famous galleries and fine homes.

 Okay, now we have a back story.  His art of choice on his last installation were glass totems. These beautiful totems were made from vintage lamp globes.  Some were many feet in height.  I have always wanted to try my hand at making a totem.  Yesterday a friend gave me an old globe and I thought, why not--go for it.  First, I must confess, I do not have the storehouse of beautiful globes to choose from nor do I have his talent, but I went looking in my "holding pen" of treasures and found a few small pieces to work with today.
 I found a tall clear vase, a frosted small globe and an etched amber fluted globe. I decided I could work with these. Plus I had the neat globe with the super cool finial my friend gave to me.
 Tools for this project were--a towel (I am messy), landscape sealant and gun, craft sticks to manipulate the glue( did I say I was messy?)
 Adornments. I chose shells for this one. I placed some of the prettier shells in the vase and a few around the frosted globe..just because I thought it might look good..I think it does.

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