Saturday, February 28, 2015


Mr. Freeze and Old Man Winter decided to visit Texas....

It has been snowing all day. Mounds of the wet white wonderful stuff is surrounding my little farm.  I am excited.  My joy may seem a little peculiar to residents of the Mid-West, New York, Colorado and such places. This is Texas, and I am sure some weather record is going to be broken.

Kids are piling on tons of warm clothing while planning their snowman construction.  The lowly vegetable..the carrot..has all of a sudden risen to new heights of grandeur.  No respectable snow-person would be seen without a stylish long orange nose.

I grew up in the Mid-West. where these kinds of wintry days are common in February as well as March and even April.  My mom used to make a special treat of snow ice cream on snowy days. Us kids thought this was the best tasting concoction to have ever melted in our little eager mouths.

Number one rule: NEVER use yellow snow!  After piling a huge amount of clean fluffy white snow into an old crock bowl, mom would then add yummy maple syrup or sugar and milk and vanilla.  Great memories with lots of laughing and fighting for the last spoonful of our special snow ice cream.

Now that I am warmed by a fond childhood memory, I think I will put on my parka, boots, gloves and head out to the field East of my house.  I will grab a crock bowl and pile it full of fresh fluffy snow.  I better scrape off the top layer...just to be safe:-)
Maybe I will share with my Texan husband who has never heard of snow ice cream...Maybe.

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